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Pillars of Lakewood was founded in 2008 with a vision of change and impact. As a motivated and inspired organization, Pillars continuously strives to provide resources to build our community and make a difference. It is our goal as a nonprofit to help people become pillars in our community by building connections. 

Pillars of Lakewood is structured around three guiding pillars: Professional, Social, and Civic. These pillars support us as we develop programs and resources to build connections, and also provide inspiration for how we can best serve our community. By providing resources to develop and connect people within each guiding pillar, we can inspire and strengthen our members. All of our membership resources are geared towards building connections within at least one pillar, with a common goal of helping people reach their dreams and making a difference. 

Additionally, we pride ourselves on customizing our support and resources for our members, and also encouraging them to try new things, take risks, and grow. Our members quickly become ambassadors of our organization, able to develop their own ideas for Pillars as well as their own personal goals. By providing support, encouragement, and mentorship, our members experience the freedom to fail, and to build our community in the process. 

We are here to help you reach your dream, to strengthen our community, to embrace all wonderful things about our city, and to make a difference. 

But to do this, we must first build connections. 

Pillars of Lakewood

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